Cara Pinder, a Montana author, publishes "The Tooth Fairy's Stars" a children's book

October 3, 2023

The Tooth Fairy's Stars tells the story of a young girl named Fallan who does not want to give the Tooth Fairy her very first wiggly tooth—not even for a shiny gold coin under her pillow.

But what if the Tooth Fairy gives her something else? Something so big everyone will see it?

Find out just what the Tooth Fairy does with our teeth when we lose them!

This book offers a new approach for elementary-age children, showing them that it's not just about money, but about being a part of something much bigger like a galaxy of stars.

You can purchase the book at, Amazon, and local stores starting October 10th.

Cara is a fifth-generation Montanan. Growing up under the 'Big Sky' she was lovestruck by the twinkling stars. Cara is raising two children with her husband, Jerry. Parenting is how bedtime stories, losing teeth, and numerous questions about life inspired this story of the often overlooked but always amazing Tooth Fairy.

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