Editor's Voice November 2020

Written by Leigh Ripley

Everybody is going to have to get really creative this year when it comes to celebrating holiday traditions. Nearly all of us will need to revise plans and adjust to different types of gatherings and modified events given the pandemic.

I, for one, usually host a Christmas Eve open house. This gathering was originally conceived as a way to distract my kids by having friends and families over for a few hours of play to burn off some of that Christmas madness (which, by the way, should be bottled – someone could make a fortune). Over the years, as all of our kids have gotten older, this event has evolved into more of a revolving door, with families dropping by for a quick visit before or after other commitments. I don’t even dare to think of the COVID exposure issues this could cause, so I will be putting this particular holiday tradition on the revise list.

When I think about all of the other must-dos between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, I can’t help but wonder what we actually will be able to do. Sure, we can still bake and decorate cookies, send Christmas cards (well, not that – I quit sending those years ago – but it’s a nice thought nevertheless), decorate the tree, watch endless hours of Hallmark holiday movies and read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…but what about all those treasured community events and social gatherings? Luckily families aren’t the only ones planning to adjust their usual routines this year – businesses are thinking outside of the box too. And thankfully so, because even though it won’t feel exactly like the traditions we envision from the past, the good news is…a lot of it is still happening.

Read on to see how Montana Ballet Company is making their 37th Annual Nutcracker a REIMAGINED event. Find out what’s happening on Main Street. Discover how retailers are planning to thin the Black Friday crowds and encourage month-long shopping sales. See what pictures with Santa will look like this year, and more.

We have a robust and creative community, which almost guarantees the 2020 Holiday Season will be amazing, memorable and most definitely quite like no other.

Happy Holidays southwest Montana! On behalf of all of us at Montana Parent, we wish you health, happiness and joy. 

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