Discover Montana by the Book!

June 12, 2024

Montana is home to the most independent bookstores per capita than any other state. Many of these bookstores serve as community gathering places, hosting not only book related events, but community events as well. Each one is different, having their own focus and passion but all promote the open exchange of ideas and enrich the cultural life of their individual communities. Independent bookstores put their towns on the map. The shelves of a bookstore are a destination, and each book is a new journey. That is the enchantment of a bookstore. It celebrates where it is while taking you anywhere you want to go. Come with us on The Montana Bookstore Trail and discover everything Bookstores Under the Big Sky have to offer!

Start the trail by visiting the closest bookstore on the map! Explore the store, and when you are ready to find the next one a bookseller will stamp or initial your passport. Be sure to ask about the last favorite book they read, or the best place to stop for lunch, or their favorite place to go in town (booksellers make excellent recommendations). Check your map for the next bookstore and you are off on another adventure! At the end of the Trail, or the end of the summer, whichever comes first, scan the QR code on the back of your passport and take the short quiz to be entered in a drawing for a Bookstore Trail Tote bag full of books & goodies!

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