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October 14, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

This is a sample of our tag cloud. It's one way we make our content easily available.

The other day a friend of mine asked me, "Is the Mama's Got a New Bag contest over for this month?" It goes on all month long but, she didn't see it on the page right away when she went to our website and she wasn't sure how to find it.

Everything we publish on the website is searchable. Here are a couple of ways.

This is where the "search" box is.

Say you want to find the Mama's Got a New Bag contest. Just type in, "mama's bag" and you will get a list of those posts with the most recent one on the top. Or if you want to find something specific, an event or book review or that crazy piece that Bozemama wrote about getting her hooha waxed . Just type in some keywords and it should pop up. Give this a whirl. Specific bloggers are searchable, too.

So, what if you just have a little time and you want to wander around in the blog to see what your Montana Parent peeps have been writing about? First of all, THANK YOU for being a reader. And . . . Tada!

These little numbers let you flip through our blog pages. They move in chronological order.


Hope you are having a fabulous Monday!

All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

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