What is Your Daily Tradition?

December 22, 2014

Posted By: Bozemama

Nothing says Merry Christmas like bedazzled Daily sugar cookies

For some, it’s the weekend morning date with their sweetheart; for others, it’s a breakfast burrito before hitchhiking up to Bridger Bowl and hitting the slopes; for current employees, it might be a pit stop to say hello to their co-workers. Whatever it is, people get very attached to their Daily Coffee traditions – understandably, of course, given the unparalleled awesomeness of The Daily’s coffee, baked goodies, burritos, soups and sandwiches and the inviting atmosphere at both locations.

Frosty never looked so good. Am I right?

The holiday season is all about tradition, regardless of your religion, culture or lifestyle. And tradition doesn’t have to be a big heavy deal filled with obligation. No. It’s a time to be kind to yourself and to others. It’s a time to gather with family and friends, embrace the cold and snow and then warm up together with eggnog lattes, peppermint mochas (with crushed candy canes), homemade gingerbread lattes or hot cocoa. Our family loves to go sledding up at the Snowfill Recreation Area with the dogs and then stopping at The Daily on North Rouse for a toasty treat to warm our noses and toeses on the way home. (The doggies get biscuits too naturally).

Let's face it: Peppermint Mocha is the real reason for the season

You can also add some of The Daily’s sweet deliciousness to your holiday table by ordering sugar cookies, pies, a sample of dessert bars or even a Buche de Noel (I tried making one of these from scratch one year; that tradition died swiftly – much better to order from The Daily.) And who wants to spend time slaving in the kitchen on Christmas morning while everyone’s opening gifts? Forget that, and order a frittata with potato crust. Yum!

Try taking credit for these beauties and see if you can get away with it

Even for those of us who love the holidays, it’s a crazy time of year that can easily swallow us up in a hectic fog of shopping and stress. Stop the madness and remember to stop and smell the coffee. Start your own Daily Coffee tradition; you’ll be so glad you did.

Please call The Daily Coffee Bar at 585-4575 to place your holiday order before December 22.

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