What does that mean? or How to torture your teenager with their own slang.

October 20, 2015

Posted By: Shaunescy

There are many things that a parent must do to raise happy and healthy kids to adulthood. Keep them clean and fed. Attend their sporting events, musicals, etc. However, of the utmost importance is communication!

Which is hard to do when your teenage daughter has entered the dramatic diva phase of her life. She can become surly, combative, secretive, and condescending, all  in the scant 45 minutes it takes her to try-on and discard 3 outfits before settling in for the evening. She says her homework is done. You’ve noticed that she furtively peeked at her phone as you are making dinner that you know she won’t eat.

All you’ve caught of what she’s messaged to her bff is this:

#byeFelicia MOS

Well, we’re here to translate for you and to give you some payback ideas. err. . . we meant Parenting Tips!


First off, #byeFelicia is not very nice. It’s used when someone says that they're leaving and you couldn’t care less that they are. Their name then becomes “Felicia", a girl that nobody is sad to see go.

"hey guys i'm gonna go" "bye felicia" "who is felicia?" "exactly. buh bye."

Well, that is just not acceptable. And your daughter knows it because she’s now typed, “MOS” which means Mom Over Shoulder. Or another similar acronym “PAW,” Parents are Watching. What can you do? Here is what we suggest.

Get your husband to put on that nice plaid shirt. Call him “BAE” and be spontaneous.

Ditch the kitchen for tonight. You’ve all been #grinding. Although it sounds dirty, it has nothing to do with twerking. Just means that you’ve been working hard. She has, too. Being a teen is rough stuff. And truth be told you all need a shake-up in your routine.

But don’t quite let her off the hook yet. Before you leave. Put on make-up and check your eyebrows. Asking your teenager if they are “On Fleek,” is a guaranteed eye-roller. Just sayin’. She deserves it for all of the shade she’s been throwing your way.

By now your whole family is “Fungry.” Remember When she was little and she’s get, “Hangry?” Fungry is hungry’s slightly more explicit linguistic cousin.

FWIW (for what it’s worth) we are of the opinion that humor and food can resolve most familial issues. Grab your keys, grab your purse and head to your family’s favorite cheap and cheerful restaurant. Leave the phones at home if you can.

Eat the comfort food. Talk to her about not falling into the mean-girl trap. Embrace being total “Norm Core,” and feel all, “the feels.” Because in just a couple of years, she’ll be off to college and hopefully she’ll be telling the story about the night her mom made dad dress up like a “lumbersexual” to make her laugh.


All my best, BunnyFufu

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