Underwater Babies—Book Review

March 23, 2015

Posted By: Shaunescy


Format: Hardcover Book

Price: $21.00 US/$23.00 CAN

ISBN-13: 9780316256506

On Sale Date: 04/07/2015

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Imprint: Little, Brown and Company

Every time I take my young daughter to the library, she politely asks the librarian to point her to the Mermaid Section. And although I am in complete agreement with her that there should be a 'Mermaid Section' in the library, sadly it does not exist and at any given time, all of the books on mermaids will be checked out.

(*note to self, write a book about mermaids -- it will be a bestseller)

The other day I received a review copy of Seth Casteel's new book Underwater Babies. If the cover strikes you as familiar, it's because Seth Casteel's photography has been a viral sensation. He's the photographer and creative vision behind Underwater Dogs and Underwater Puppies. What started as a unique and whimsical take on our beloved pets has turned into something much, much more.

Through his photographic work in Underwater Dogs he learned about the lack of understanding we have in regards to water safety and our pets. With Underwater Puppies, the author taught 1500 puppies about water safety. Wow. Then he turned his lens toward human children. Teaming up with infant swimming schools throughout the United States, each image was shot with an actual swim lesson and with each baby learning water safety and survival skills.

Arguably, that is the most important point of this work, but on a very immediate level the images draw the viewer in. This is a wonderful book to look at. Would make a great gift for my mermaid loving daughter, for a grandparent who needs a dose of cute to go along with your scholarship request to send your kids to swim lessons, or any child who is preliterate. Kids love looking at pictures of other kids.

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