Trees and Flowers in Vernal Bloom - M T Gardens

June 10, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

Yesterday I went to M T Gardens and Country Market and I want to tell you about it because it is simply lovely and I want to put the right words to my impressions. . .

It is evocative. I keep feeling like when we hopped of the highway at the Bear Canyon exit and got out of the car that we stepped into a vortex that shunted us into the pastoral  French countryside.

Outside of the main building is a showcase for Todd Gardenier's rough-hewn plank tables and benches. Pretty iron garden sculptures are scattered among the plantings and hanging baskets. It's all very inviting and every item puts off a useful and precious vibe.

Once inside Melissa Losett, invited us to help ourselves to some of her homemade coffee cake (delish BTW) as she helped the other people there who were busily collecting treasures to bring to their own homes. Stackable bottles of balsalmic vinegars, tasteful and fun linens, locally-made Tuli Fischer hand tools, amusing tote bags, and of course some unique and hearty plants from the greenhouse.

M T Gardens is certainly not a DIY warehouse that has everything. But it's pretty much guaranteed to have at least one special object of desire for everyone. For us that was a few wonderful and Dr. Seuss-ish looking plants for the fairy garden.


All My Best, BunnyFufu


M T Gardens and Country Market

  • 4160 Bozeman Trail
  • Bozeman, Montana 59715

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