To the Top - Big Sky’s Lone Peak Expedition

July 13, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

It seems to be the time of year to write about vacations. Many of my favorite bloggers and columnists are writing about the places they’ve been and the things that they’ve had to endure to get to their getaways. In Montana we have a simple way to sidestep all of the hassles and have a world class experience without setting foot in an airport. Anywhere in our gorgeous state a short drive will land you in an stunning vacation spot. We recently headed to Big Sky Resort and that’s where the fun began!

The “ Lone Peak Expedition: Tram to the Top ” is breath taking and it turns your knees to jelly. But best of all it is right in our own backyard. The adventure starts at Base Camp, which is in the center of the mountain village. There you can sign up to play on the bungee-tramp, get on the 2 hour zip-line excursion, rent mountain bikes to take with you up the chairlift. Kids can rock climb or the whole family can enjoy the ropes course.

Guides: Trey, George and Phil

Your guide will meet you and then you head off to your adventure. Trey was our guide on the Lone Peak Expedition. He led us to the chairlift for a scenic 20-minute ride that ended at mid-mountain. From there, we met George who drove the customized safari-style truck. Any kid will be taken by the awesome-ness of his dream Tonka come to life. With huge rock tires and George’s expert driving we ground up the mountain over a long talus field to the base of the tram. All the kids thought it was just like being in a Go Diego Go cartoon, while I felt it was a bit more like Ice-Road Truckers.

The mountain changes dramatically as you get closer and closer to the top. If you have ridden the tram a hundred times to ski, this summertime ride will really knock your socks off. The terrain is even more chiseled without the snow.

Then it’s all up…up…up to 11,116 feet in the high flying tram or what our guide Trey called, “The Real-life Wonka-vator.” On top we hiked around for a little over an hour, taking in the vista and then rode the tram back down. There is an option to hike down to Base Camp and if your family is ready for that serious of a hike, I cannot think of a more beautiful way to spend an afternoon.

A View from the Top

Mack, Finn, Lynn, Cash and Grace

This adventure filled family came all the way from northern Minnesota. Lynn Evans and her kids are a great example of how to go about vacationing at the resort. While her husband participated in a convention during the day, she signed up the kids to experience all of the things they could. So many possibilities and with a little planning and organization you and your spouse could even take turns and go on solo adventures, or simply give each other a chance to sit by the pool with a book.

Truly the best thing about the entire experience at Big Sky, is the people. The guides and staff are knowledgeable and personable as all get out. As a mom, that means a lot to me. My family is my world and we felt safe, welcomed and quite simply like we were part of the gang. Thanks guys!


Zipline Guides: Kira, Foy and Gina

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