The Two-Pronged Giving Spirit

December 20, 2011

Posted By: Shaunescy

This year, as I was considering what to give my loved ones, I was conflicted. I love strolling downtown, browsing local shops for hours and eventually buying a creative and unique trinket for my secret Santa. (My family stopped doing the mass gift buying when we got old and boring. Instead we just pick names and shop for our secret Santa. My daughter and niece are exempt; we buy in mass for them.) But this year I picked someone who has every material thing you could want.

I couldn’t think of one gift that would be totally special that my secret Santa doesn’t already own. Then I came up with a two-pronged idea.

Why not buy her an adorable winter skirt from Girls Outdoors and donate a stack of my gently used skirts to Goodwill (or a women’s shelter, or a needy lady I know) in her honor?

Or maybe I’ll buy my niece an educational game at Giggles toy store and also volunteer to be a CAP mentor to help a local student with their homework. 

My sister-in-law mentioned buying some warm winter gear for her secret Santa while donating her family’s out-grown coats to keep other Montanans warm.

I’m excited about this two-pronged gifting idea! One part fun shopping and one part giving to those in need…

What are your favorite giving traditions? 

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