The Root - Quick Quiz! by Sara Groves

December 26, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

The Root started in Bozeman about 17 years ago. The owner, Camille Kostelecky, lives in Hawaii where there are two stores.  Camille's sister, Kim, lives in Bozeman and is the regional buyer.  They saw a need for more shopping opportunities in Helena and found Aimee Schaff to open the Root in Helena in June 2012.  Kim and Camille's parents have a lakehouse in Helena so the Queen City has been a second home to them for a very long time.  

The Root, a hip, charming, and affordable women's clothing store, welcomes female shoppers of any age!   

21 Questions with the Root's Aimee Schaff

1. I would never leave my house without wearing...earrings. I literally feel naked without them.

2. When I get dressed to go to work I think...if I don't like this when I get to work, I'll just buy something new.

3. My most treasured piece of jewelry is...a bracelet my boyfriend made me, so cheesy.

4. The best gift I ever received fixie.

5. When I'm looking to get inspired...I channel my sister and bestie Laurin's creativity.

6. My guilty pleasure is...good chocolate, duh.

7. My favorite current Root piece is...a black Mystree velvet-esque dress.

8. Any local celebrities shopping at the Root? Umm, hello! I feel like a local celebrity and unfortunately I can't think of a single other one. Ha.

9. On a typical Saturday night...I am looking for something fun to do that involves dancing and friends.

10. The city with the best shopping is...Heidelberg, Germany (sorry NYC, I've never been to you).

11. The one store I can go to and not leave empty handed is...Safeway.

12. When hiring people, the qualities I value most are...brutal honesty, an outgoing personality, and good humor.

13. My favorite collaboration to date...Edge Magazine, they made me famous and feel like a real model (even though I'm not!).

14. I'm excited for the holidays because...people are shopping and it's fun when people are shopping.

15. The one electronice device I couldn't go a day without phone. I hate feeling stranded.

16. When I want to relax...I get on my yoga mat. Either that or I go to the Blackfoot.

17. My beauty must-haves are...tea tree face wash, good moisturizer with an SPF and something that sparkles on my eyes.

18. My biggest jewelry pet peeve is...losing one earring, it drives me crazy!

19. I wouldn't be caught dead...wearing a turtleneck. I would NEVER.

20. The best style tip I ever got...don't be too matchy-matchy, it will only frustrate you and limit your creative side.

21. My favorite thing about Helena sounds cliche, but it's definitely the people. I am surrounded by an incredible community and I am so proud to call so many of them my friends.


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