The Most Important Halloween Reminder

October 31, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

When I was in my sassy and solo days, Halloween was my favorite. Being the perennial theatre-geek, there was just something so wonderful about watching my friends and college classmates lose themselves in a character that they'd crafted. Incredibly creative ideas coming out of simple materials.

I don't really dress up for Halloween any more. Probably the last real costume I wore was the one that I made for my littlest's first Halloween. I don't know if it counts though, I mean I was wearing her in a carrier and I simply fashioned a felt veggie to slip on over her like a Snuggie.

But the kids love the process of playing dress-up. This year I have Batman and a Butterfly-Fairy-Princess. She has the dress-up bug for sure, she'd play dress-up every day, him less so. But when I watch how they play together, even when only the little one is in a costume I find it inspiring. If she decides that she's going to be a buzzy-bee for a while, he goes along with it. Running down the hallway, false shrieks of terror, the chase is on. Bliss.

But for me the rush of homework, dishes, laundry, bathtime and sleep schedules can feel like a nightly gauntlet to be run. Moving through the motions swiftly and steadily like a metronome,  because not following the regular and predictable rhythm and thrum of getting stuff done can end in chaos, cacophony and tears. All to avoid a forgotten lunch, a library book, or another small but preventable parental failure.

And I think that is essential charm of Halloween. Playing along, really watching and admiring costumed kids and adults as if they are on a stage showcasing their talents. And the timing of Halloween is pretty wonderful, too. Because, let's face it folks, tomorrow is November and I don't care how outdoorsy you are, you are going to be spending more time in close quarters. So Halloween's reminder to be magical is important.

Not in the casting spells way. Magical in the putting on the kid-vision goggles way. Taking a deep breath and being able to see the teeny-tiny imaginary and incredibly talented gymnast that your kid has built an Olympic training center for on the edge of the tub. Coach that imaginary gymnast, or ninja or whatever they've come up with, with all of your heart. Because those invisible kid-vision goggles are your super-hero costume. They have the power to vanquish the parental failures that you truly must prevent.

Swan dive into a little kid's frame of mind. The water is fine.


All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

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