The last movie that I saw in a theater.

November 06, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

Remember this movie? It is really a great one. Very sweet and poignant. And since I was preggers and on a date with papa-to-be, it couldn't have been more perfect. It is, cross my heart and hope to die, the last movie I have been to see in a theater. Do you know its release date? August 2005! It's been 7 stinkin' years since I've been to a movie. Sheesh.

I realized this a couple of weeks ago and really took a look at how this crazy-ness came about.

  • When the kids were too small to enjoy anything for more than 5 minutes at a time it seemed silly to spend the 20 or 30 bucks it would cost, to just have to leave after the opening credits.
  • Hiring a babysitter costs me $10/hour, with tickets I am out $50 before I get a bucket of popcorn. For that kind of money . . . I could go get a massage or pay for some fitness class and avoid the trans fats altogether.
  • Or maybe it's simply because I am not good at giving myself a treat.

I think when your kids are small you just live a simpler and more focused existence. You kind of need to. But now that they are getting bigger, I am hoping to see a movie with them at some point in the next year. As you can tell, money and I don't part easily so we'll have to hope something great and age appropriate comes out soon.

Baby steps, people.

So, while I was verbally bleating on about this, a friend suggested that I go to one of the Silly Moose Improv shows at the Eqinox Theatre Company.

Brilliant! Cheap, cheerful, an hour long and the kids are encouraged to be noisy. There's even crayons and paper set out for them to mess with before the show starts. I had a blast and so did the kids. In fact as we rode to the park after the show they kept asking, "Can we go again?" Like it was a carnival ride.

There is one last Silly Moose matinee at the Equinox Theatre on Saturday.

All tickets are $5.00. Reservations and info online at or by phone at 587-0737, ext.1. The Equinox Theatre is located at 2304 N. 7th Ave, in the strip mall across from Murdoch's.

Here's some info on their current children's programming:

November 8th-10th at 7pm and November 11th at 2pm our Teen Theatre production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. $7 for adults, $5 for those 12 and under.

November 10th our final performance of Silly Moose Comedy Improv Show for Kids! at 2pm. $5, those 2 and under FREE!

November 24th-December 22nd Bert and Charlie's Christmas Carol (PUPPET SHOW!!) $5, those 2 and under FREE!

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