The BullsEye’s Within Sight

February 27, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

As winter (hopefully soon) gives way to spring, we'll be staring down the high school graduation bulls-eye dead on.

We've completed applications, built resumes for summer employment, applied for scholarships and resident housing and sought funding from every viable nook and cranny.

We've had discussion of career choices - to do this, or do that. Evaluating how much money each career option typically earns, and challenge with the question, "But, will you be HAPPY?"

We've shared our stories and "should-have-dones" as we look back to the days when we were 18 years old with the world waiting for us to make our own unique discoveries.

Now, we wait.

We wait, and try to enjoy the final months before our last little chick exits the nest.

To parents of the younger-set who may be reading this, thinking, "Oh, how awful for them." Let me assure you, all remaining household members are ready to transition to the next phase of life. Much like God's trick for sending them to us as precious and innocent beings that we simply fall hopelessly in love with, he also knows how to prepare us for our inevitable separation.

God giggles as they grow "larger than life" attitudes and suddenly know everything under the moon and stars. Your wise parenting advice likely never reaches their ears let alone deems consideration. And they throw their opinions around much like a heavy-weight boxer's gloves as he dances around the ring, avoiding his opponent.

Yes, God indeed has a wild sense of humor, yet I believe it's part of the overall plan. Get them sick of each other so when the final days approach, they are met with sadness and joy and hope and goodwill - and mostly relief.

Of course, given the opportunity, I would have done things differently, but overall, I feel good about the choices we made, the battles we waged, and the resolutions and comprises we've given along the way.

The main resounding feature of our parenting ethos has always been "full disclosure to the truth." And as it turns out, my son told me recently that other kids have asked him why his parents are "so chill." (Which I have come to understand as cool, relaxed or somehow hip.) Proof positive we did a few things right along the way.

These remaining early days of 2013 will find me holding my puppy and admiring the young man that I see walk past me daily, nary a glance in my direction. For we both know we've put forth a challenging but staid effort, and hopefully soon will reap the rewards.

Mother of three, Katie Walters is the author of An Authentic Life , a member of and is proudly invited to share weekly within the pages of Montana Parent Magazine's website.

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