The Broads are BACK! - Best response wins a ticket to opening night! Day 3

October 30, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

I know that we are all supposed to be gracious about aging. Turning forty is the best thing ever because I am a confident and fully developed and enlightened woman, right?

Meh, sometimes I feel like that but some days I feel crabby about it too. I have aches and creaks. I am getting a few grey hairs (shh) and my tummy is only going to become more and more dimpled and kangaroo pouch-like as the years that have accelerated like a runaway freight-train roll on by. sigh.......

But you know what I have gained, other than crepe-y skin that bruises easily? A better sense of humor about myself. You have to admit your flaws before you can skewer them.

So let it all hang out. You could win a ticket to Broad Comedy 's opening night. Tell us . . .

What's the worst thing about turning 40?

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