The Best Mom Under the Big Sky—Entry deadline is May 9, 2015

April 04, 2015

Posted By: Shaunescy

She might be your sister, your friend, your neighbor, your grandmother, your wife or your mom. She’s the unsung heroine who somehow manages to focus on her kids’ best interest amid the chaos of modern American life. She’s the one who has the strength to say no when saying yes would be so much easier, the one who models admirable behavior while allowing her kids to learn from their mistakes – without saying “I told you so.” She’s the scaffolding that holds up the family when it starts to crumble. She listens, keeps an open mind and relishes her children for who they are not for who she thinks they should be. And, lastly, she is a never-ending source of hugs, who doesn’t resent the fact that she will one day have to let go.

But she’s not perfect, because – of course – nobody’s perfect. And anyone who tries to be perfect at parenting is setting themselves up for

a big, fat dose of disappointment. One thing we’ve learned at Montana Parent is that perfection is never part of the equation. No, the Best Mom Under the Big Sky struggles and stumbles and screws up sometimes, but she admits it, learns from her mistakes and – hopefully – even laughs about it.

Do you know anyone who fits this description? We bet you do – and we’re hoping that you’ll nominate her as the Best Mom Under the Big Sky. Why? Because she deserves it. And because if she’s chosen, then she’ll get treated to some truly awesome prizes courtesy of Gallatin Valley Mall (GVM), Montana Parent and Amelia Anne Photography, including:

» $500 GVM shopping spree

» Macy’s makeup makeover

» Le Nails Manicure and Pedicure

» Bibs and Binkies designer diaper bag

» Hairstyling session and Professional Royale Hair Straightener from Hairstyler

» Two premium cool comfort bamboo pillows courtesy of Bamboo Pillow » Photo Shoot by Amelia Anne photography that will be featured in the

June/July issue of Montana Parent magazine

So, take a few minutes to nominate your favorite mama by stopping in to the Gallatin Valley Mall and filling out an entry form on her behalf – you can pick up an application at these participating locations: GVM Guest Services, Le Nails, Bib and Binkies, Hairstyler and Bamboo Pillows. You can also submit an application on GVM’s Facebook page and enter there. You’ll be glad you did.

Just be sure to get your entries to the Gallatin Valley Mall Guest Services kiosk by May 9, 2015.

Visit for official contest rules.

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