Tape: The Candy of Household Supplies - Updated

March 18, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

Seriously, is there any other seemingly non-essential thing that you constantly buy and that the kids use up as much? I swear, it is completely out of hand in my house. When the holidays roll around we buy a multi-pack and then wait with baited breath for post-holiday sales to come around so we can buy another 2 or three multi-packs.

Making a paper airplane?

Mom! I need some tape.

Saturday morning and a masterpiece is finished?

Mom! I need some tape.

Building a Leprechaun trap?

Mom! I need some tape.

Everyone is quietly playing. . .?

MOM!!!!!! I need some tape.

I have walked into my bathroom and found it completely, floor-to-ceiling cobwebbed with tape and dental floss. I mean, what the hell, right? In for a penny, in for a pound. Considering that I can buy a multi-pack (4 rolls) of tape for $2.50 on sale and that dental floss rings in at about $3.00 per roll, maybe I should be thankful that I have little tape afficianados.

I once bought a jumbo pack of rubber bands. They made chains out of them and strung them along the hallway doorknobs and used them as catapults. What did they catapult, you ask? Everything they could. Legos, paper-clips, pens, rubber balls (ba-zing! there goes the Hummel from Grandma), My shoes - because apparently, they make a better clatter than soft soled kid's shoes.

We buy pens in bulk. I keep a gross hidden between the cubby holes in my car and in my various handbags. Hubby has a drawer for pens - that somehow is constantly being depleted. When he's looking for a pen, I simply stroll out to my car and get one. So far that is the slickest system we have in place to wrangle our office supplies.

If I were to offer career advice to a young up-and-comer today, it would be to go and work for a place like Scotch-brand/3m. . . the Dunder Mifflin of tape. Or a place that manufactures AA batteries.

That my friend is job security!


All my best, Bunnyfufu



The most amazing package arrived in the mail yesterday from 3M.

It did force me to do some spring cleaning to make space, but I have created a little tape-monster heaven in the linen closet.

Yes, that whole shelf is filled with tape and a stack of construction paper.

Which they immediately dove into.

This says, "Welcome to the Zoo, where we do Circus!"

Yes they do. Oh my word. The kids literally jumped up and down when they saw what was in the box. I am so thankful and a little excited to simply let go and watch what they create with this amazing pile of beautiful tape! What have I gotten myself into?

Thanks! bff

{full disclosure: I wrote about my family's tape consumption because it was driving me up a tree and 3M sent a bunch of product because they thought it was funny. }

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