Taking Perfect Kid Photos Easy As 1, 2, CHEESE!

February 29, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

Editor's Note: It must be stated that this idea is not mine but that of a super-creative friend from several years ago - but it's so darling and easy, I had to share!

Ever grazed through a magazine or web site with darling child images wondering how they managed to look so cute without tantrums, tears or frowns? Wonder no more!

How to capture perfect kid photos is easier than you think. Simply follow these easy steps and you will have professional photos at your disposal.

  1. Keep it simple - as you can see by the photo above, the kids are dressed in off-the-rack clothes, and the only "props" are two hats, suspenders and a man's tie. 
  2. Grab two white or off-white sheets. Cover your fence or back drop with the first one, then use the second one to cover the ground. It makes for a clean photographic surface, allowing the subjects to shine!
  3. Add a garden bench, stool, wagon or whatever clever seating options you have. You can add a basket or flower pot, or wagon wheel (this is Montana, after all!) to create additional drama. 
  4. Ask your models to sit on the bench or stool and allow them to "ham it up." Often times the best and most unique photos are when kids are allowed to "act natural," or perform a simple task, like kissing, smelling a flower or blowing bubbles. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination! 

That's it!

{Models in this photo are brother and sister twins. This photo was used as the family Christmas card. The models are now nearly teenagers, but this remains one of my favorite images, mostly due to the fact that they are so darling, but also the fact my girlfriend acted not only as the stylist, set designer and director, but also the photographer!}

Mother of three, Katie Walters is the author of  An Authentic Life , a member of BlogHer.com and is proudly invited to share within the pages of Montana Parent Magazine's website.

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