Sweet Pea Children’s Run

August 04, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

Of all the community events that happen in Bozeman, I have to say that the 1k Children’s Fun Run that kicks off the Sweet Pea Parade is my absolute favorite. As a family, it is a truly bonding and uplifting experience. We love the night before with our big race prep – with a full-on carbo-loaded meal, serious scrub-up time in the tub with special bubbles or foam soap and early bed times. We get our race clothes all laid out before bed and pin our race numbers on together. The rituals prime us.

And in the morning, it’s a blur of activity. Energy builds up and I ask the kids if they’re ready “Race shoes on?”

The mon-chi-chis chime in together, “Check!”

“Positive attitudes?”


“Engines Revved?”


The line up at 9:30 in front of the Lewis and Clark Motel is always a great time to people watch and run into friends. You can feel the buzzy excitement of all the participants.  All of a sudden, it’s going. The crowd surges forward as parents and kids take over Main Street downtown, just this one time a year for the next 20-25 minutes. It is a swelling wave of inclusiveness. Here we are, all together, doing this simple and excellent thing. The crowd cheers and claps.  And every single one of those kids running sees themselves as an athlete.

Today I am a proud and blissful mama. One of many I am sure.

Have a fabulous Sweet Pea weekend folks!

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