Spray Tanning Rocks or I am pleased to announce that I did NOT turn this color!

February 25, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

Spray tanning is really new to me. I like a simple and natural look. Makeup that doesn't look like I'm wearing any. Tinted moisturizer to even out my skin tone, lip gloss, a little brow pencil and maybe a light brush of bronzer. So I was very nervous to use myself as a guinea pig for this blog post. Excited, sure. . . but nervous.

I did not want to walk around Bozeman of all places looking like a fake-y fake orange, fashion don't. But I was also nervous about the spray procedure itself. How long does it take? Am I naked in front of someone? Is it going to stain the outfit I put on after?

To answer these questions simply, it takes about 2 minutes, nobody sees you, and it does not stain fabric. The girls at Planet Beach were so helpful in picking out the color that was closest to my skin color, telling me about the (very simple) controls in the spray booth, and informing me about what to expect.

You put on a hair net, pull it back a little so you don't get a weird tan line on your forehead. Rub a blocking lotion really well all over your hands and feet. Step in to the booth and make four quarter turns when the automated voice tells you to. It takes about four hours for the tan to develop. I went in the evening, so I could see the results in the morning. And, it was nice. Very even, almost like I did a really good job putting tinted moisturizer all over. But the other great thing about the spa I went to was that tanning and spray tanning is not all that it is about. The place is filled with all these science fiction looking spa apparatus. There are computer controlled massage tables, a clam shell contraption that functions like a single person steam room, a mini sauna and a facial room. I've tried many of them and can't help but but report that I am impressed. If you are out and about just pop over and ask for a tour.

Planet Beach, located at 1910 N 22nd Ave # 3  Bozeman is offering a one week spa pass to one lucky winner! This awesome prize includes use of all of the spa equipment at Planet Beach.  For more information about this business please visit them at http://spa.planetbeach.com/spa/MT0002

To enter this giveaway, tell us about what you do to make yourself feel gorgeous  in the comments section of our blog below. Be sure to tell your friends and family to visit us and click the "+" beside their favorite comment (yours, of course!) Every plus counts. Whoever has the most "+" signs by their comment by 5 PM on Monday Feb. 27th, 2012 wins!

*On page 40 of our February edition of Montana Parent Magazine is an excellent article by Marie Mitchell about tanning and the risks of UV exposure.

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