Sometimes We All Need a Hand - Or, ‘My 7 year old Explains How to be a Good Friend.’

February 04, 2014

Posted By: Shaunescy

This is the story of the Litil Robote.

One day, he was rolling smoothly along, bleeping and bloorping, When he rolled up to a hill.

He wanted very badly to roll over it, but was small and had small wheels.

He needed some help.

So, he said, to himself, "Bleep-bleep, boop. Rattle, tick, whirrrrrrrrrrr." :(

Which of course, translates to, "Oh no, this is a big hill, I can't do it by myself."

But luckily, there was another robot on the other side of who overheard and had a plan.

"Rattle, rattle. Tick tick, Bzzzzzzrt!"

And as you know, that means, "I am sending over a tow line!"

It worked.

Their robot hearts were filled with love.


All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

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