So, I was swinging around a pole at 9:00 am yesterday morning . . .

November 08, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy


As you know, I have been working on my fitness. I ran all summer , did Pilates in September Pure Barre in October . This month, since I’d been working on my core with the Reformer and the barre I thought to myself, “Well shucks, pole fitness just turns the thing vertical, why not give it a whirl.”

Of course, I had the normal reservations about this. It’s a stripper pole for crying out loud. My self-esteem is pretty solid. It’s not that I am not a model-like goddess who kicks ass and takes names in fitness challenges. Far from it! My strength lies in my ability to try anything, especially if it’s got the potential to make me laugh.

Well, Pole Fitness fits that bill nicely.

I like to go into these things in a state of deliberate wonderment. I didn’t scout out the studio or location.  I only chatted about it with my sister who informed me that from what she’d heard the workout was done in heels. Thankfully that wasn’t the case, as I can barely walk in heels much less do anything remotely athletic in them. I am not graceful. Sometimes, my Dansko clogs are a bit too much shoe for me to handle.

So I dropped the kidlets off at their respective schools, plugged the address into my navigator and pointed the family mobile towards my silly fate. As I was heading out West Main past Albertsons, the navigator informed me that my destination was 300 yards ahead, on the right. The most prominent landmark there, you ask? Why it’s the neon rooftop of Lucky Lil’s casino!

That gave me half a second’s pause, but it’s not Lucky Lil’s that I was headed to. It was the professional office complex just behind it. Whew.

The studio is clean and gorgeous and fun. Tons of mirrors. Tons of polls.  Some amazing shoes for sale (for the Pole Fitness enthusiast who happens to have the ability to not fall down as much as I do) as well as some leg-warmers that I must buy because, I simply must. On my deathbed, I do not want to be saying that I shouldn’t have passed up buying the weirdly attractive furry rainbow leg-warmers because I was too stoic.

Must buy these:

But the truth is this. With all my healthy self-esteem and humor intact, I am not, "in touch with my sexy" as the hipsters say. When your kids are babies, you brush the dried spit up out of your hair and call it good to leave the house. A bit of lip-gloss and a clean shirt is dressed up.

I’m not in the trenches anymore. My kids are well out of diapers  and they don’t throw up on me nearly as much as they once did. But it’s been ages since I have played with smoky eyeliner or worn high heels with a party purpose in mind. I don’t want to go back to those days at all but I could do with a bit more sass in my step.

Becca is fun and funny and a real trainer. She has studied with Cirque du Soleil performers, she’s been a competitive climber, yoga instructor and she’s been a fitness trainer since she was a teen. Her motivation in teaching this crazy stuff comes from trying it out for herself and finding that unique confidence and humor.

Pole Fitness is basically grown up gymnastics with an apparatus. Yes, there is an inescapable erotic component to swinging around a pole or rising from the floor arching your chest up first. Believe me, the uptight school marm who resides in my soul protested. Luckily, the eternally plucky 25 year old who lives in there as well, won.

All I have for this is respect. I laughed a lot and I was swinging around a pole at 9:00 am yesterday morning and it was awesome.

For info about classes click HERE .   And for a hilarious party idea, click HERE .

Here I am:

Just joking, I'd fall on my head. These are both of Becca.

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