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June 04, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

Happy Monday! Just popping in with a couple of thoughts. Last Wednesday was my third week into this crazy and fun Couch to 5k challenge.  Also, my third time running with the Run Bozeman Group. We are getting more and more participants all the time and a good solid group came last week. It made me so happy to have the support and energy of all of you who showed up. You are awesome!

Overall, I am feeling more and more comfortable going to running club. I bring my kids and you know how that tends to break down social barriers. Children are wonderful ambassadors and they love it too.

At one point during the run, while walking and pushing my son in the stroller he said, "C'mon Mom Run!" I did, and like a little 5 year old version of Bobby Knight he yelled, "Show me what you're made of mom!"

Let me tell you, doubling over laughing while trying to run and pushing a jogging stroller may not be the most super effective workout. But is sure is a heckuva lot of fun.

I am running more - although, I am not running the full route by any means and it does feel better every time I go. But at the end of the day, even if I walk part of the Sweet Pea 5k in August - I am going to hold my head up because I am literally miles ahead of where I was when I started this.

Here is the route map from last week. I'd like to do it again if anyone is game. I'll probably be walking it because I need to bring two smalls with me. Leave a comment below if tonight or tomorrow sometime works.

And don't forget the regular Wednesday meet up at 6 pm! Give it three tries.


note: This route is 3.35 miles long. Starts at the Bozeman Running Company , heads North on Wallace, at the railroad tracks head left on the trail, trail ends right about the Stockyard Cafe take a right and that road loops back to Wallace.

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