Self Image—one mom’s experience

October 29, 2014

Posted By: Shaunescy

I suppose that I am like every typical mom. You know, the one who looks ok in pictures. I'm clean, I'm normal. I'm wearing my typical jeans or tech fiber pants and boots and a sweater. Glad to be part of the momento of whatever family event was going on at the time. But always kinda shoved in the background, holding onto one kid or the other and making sure that they are not making pained/weird/forced smiles for the camera. So yeah, I look okay in the picture but not really great. I almost always have something wrong with my make-up. My longish nose isn't powdered right or it's my eyebrows - stupid blond eyebrows! I just don't look as vibrant as I feel that I am in actual movement and life.

Recently, I went to a photo spa session and had some photos done. And you know what, I'm just going to can my humility for a second and say it out loud.

I have wanted a picture of myself that I really like.

And by that, I mean that I like it. It's not really necessary for me that other people do --although, that doesn't suck either.

But getting a picture of myself that I think looks great was amazing. It was like receiving  a gift that I have wanted for a long time.

What is a photo spa?

Simply put, a photo spa is a fabulous way to spend a good part of the day. At Citizen Lucida Boutique Photography , founder and photographer Kate Jo, hosts these sessions in her spacious and roomy home studio.  There are drinks, cheese, nuts, and fruit. A hair and make-up artist can be arranged. You and your group take turns being photographed by Kate. Outfit changes are encouraged. Just bring whatever you feel good in. The top in the picture above is nothing fancy. It's my favorite workout shirt, but I love the color and fabric.

Kate has a visual gift. She really looks at you like a friend and sees all the things you'd like a friend to mirror back to you. Her skill is then capturing and rendering that in an image. Because, let's face it ladies. . . We all look at ourselves critically, sometimes beyond what is good. To have your self-identity reflected by someone else can be validating and far more true than the internal tape-recorder that runs the old dinged-up cassette of reverse affirmations.

My self talk used to run on about my nerdy-ness and my hawk-beak. Compounding and adding to ways in which I felt unlovable. But as I grow older, I've shed a lot of that baggage and gotten comfortable in my psychological skin. And physically, I think I look more and more like my beloved grandmother. She was the coolest lady ever. Not only do she and I share the family nose, we also share the family passion for books, geeky humor and fabulous shoes.

So what is beautiful in you?

Your freckles, laugh lines, your moles? For me, Kate looked at me frankly and captured in light the feeling that I want to feel about myself.

All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

For more information about Kate Jo and Citizen Lucida Boutique Photography - CLICK HERE .

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