Runs Like a Girl

May 15, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

I wanted to start off this blog by saying that I run like a girl. But I don't. I run like a mommy blogger. And I know a lot of girls who run and my silly self runs nothing like them. They are gazelles, fleet and coordinated.

I have always been a reasonably in shape person. But that came from hiking. Strap a loaded backpack on me and I will hike to Mystic Lake to spend the night in a forest service cabin. I'll even carry a small person on my shoulders to go see Grotto Falls, but running is well, running.

When I think about running, I get a little scared. It feels like an intimidating thing to take on. I don't know how to do it as a practice. I don't know what is a realistic goal. And I keep remembering the dread I had throughout school gym class. I just wasn't that motivated, naturally athletic girl. During the President's Fitness 40 yard dash, I was always toward the bottom of the pack. Arms flapping wildly at my sides, feet kicking out in opposite directions like a duck. Not a pretty sight. Especially during the years when looking cool was paramount to self-esteem.

Well, I am not a kid anymore. I don't care if I look silly or I don't know how to do something well right out of the gate. I want to be strong and don't want my kids to be able to outrun me. At least not yet. I want to be a good example for both my son and daughter. This is part of it. I am here as mommy to orient these cognitive aliens, by giving them an expectation of what is normal.

In this house, it is going to be that we work hard at things that are not easy. That we take on challenges both to see if we can conquer them and to find out what the challenge has to teach us. So I’ve decided to start running. Other than a good pair of shoes what do I need to know?

Please chime in with some helpful hints. Give me your favorite brand of running shoes. What are good goals to set? The Sweet Pea 5k is a couple of months away. Do you have a favorite 5k run? On your mark, get set, go!


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