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March 15, 2015

Posted By: Shaunescy

Zen, a basic principle of Eastern philosophy and practice, has made its way into our common vernacular. Zen is the balance point: simple, clean and balanced. Life is difficult, and too often parents claim they do not have enough time to practice self- care.

For parents, applying some Zen philosophy and basic practice can bring about immediate positive results. With just 10 minutes and some simple attitude adjustments, you can benefit from Zen wellness. Here are a few practices to enter a more Zen state of being:

Meditate . Focus all your awareness and attention on breath. Take a deep inhale through the nose then a releasing exhale by mouth. Also known as Holotropic breath, this simple breathing exercise places you in “present time” and stops the mind chatter that is often stress inducing. Begin with 10 minutes and build your meditation practice up to 20 minutes a day.

Take a walk. Literally, go for a walk and notice the trees, clouds and birds. Focus on each footfall; thank your feet and legs for carrying you forward.

Eat mindfully . Sit down to healthy, clean, nourishing food. Really look at your food, taste your food and give thanks for the food. A healthy meal supports a healthy mind and body.

Hydrate. Begin drinking more water, less juice, coffee and wine. A hydrated body is more alert, energetic and balanced. Good hydration supports all the bodies systems and flushes the waste.

Therapeutic sound healing is a growing wellness practice. It is now scientifically proven that certain sounds are deeply therapeutic and healing. In 1904 Einstein was quoted as saying “the future of medicine is sound.” Visit and search “healing sound meditations,” there are hundreds to choose from.

Experience the pleasure and calm of applying essential oils . There are many brands to choose from, but high-quality, therapeutic grade oil is best. The soles of the feet are an excellent place to begin. The frequency of essential oils is higher than human hertz frequencies, so the higher absorbs the lower. Also, many essential oils (such as lavender) offer medicinal properties, are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and calming.

Commit to a regular time out with your partner, children or friends to re-establish your connections. No electronics, no distractions, just shared time and conversation. Ask what the best moment of their week was and how it made them feel. This is a wonderful way to grow relationships with loving awareness.

Notice your colors. Add more yellow to your life. The color of the sun makes you cheerful and optimistic because your body releases more feel-good hormones when surrounded by yellow.

Jennifer Pepper began the study and practice of universal and metaphysical sciences more than 30 years ago. She is a Holistic Intuitive Psychic, certified Aromatherapist and energy worker in Bozeman, MT and Jackson, WY. Contact her directly at .

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