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April 04, 2014

Posted By: Shaunescy

Our relationship is the center of our lives -- we spend years and in some cases decades together. So much is tied up in our relationships/marriages.... social lives, family, children, finances, etc.  But often we find ourselves at various points in our lives feeling unsure if our relationship is all we hoped or dreamed it would be.... or just flat out feeling we need to settle for however it is, because we cannot see or imagine how to change it.  And especially as parents, it breaks our hearts to know that the quality of our relationship impacts our children, no matter how much we sometimes hope it won't, when things are tough or strained. The New Marriage Training is a very unique week-long experience that helps individuals access their vulnerability and their compassion for one another in ways that truly transform the individuals... and in turn, the relationship.

Testimonial from a past participant:

"The training literally created a NEW relationship for my partner and I.  There are "scripts" we played out over and over again and that we would get stuck in ...that as much as we had tried to change them in the past, just keep popping up for us.  And now we are best friends again. Actually more so than ever before.  We have a new way of relating, a deeper connection, more trust and honesty and a new paradigm in which to see ourselves and one another.  We have also become a much more effective parenting team and are connecting with our daughter in new ways, because of what we experienced and due to what we learned about ourselves and universal human needs in the training.  The difference in personal contentment and also feeling safe and secure in our relationship (to say what needs to be said and to be who we need to be) is extremely rewarding."

All-inclusive week-long training includes:

  • 6 NIGHTS LODGING  at the Double T River Ranch in Clyde Park, Montana
  • DAILY GUIDED yoga, meditation and writing exercises
  • 6 DAYS OF TRAINING professionally led couples and group sessions
  • ALL MEALS tailored to individual needs as well as the goals of the training
  • POST RETREAT follow-up and support program
  • CHILDCARE AVAILABLE World-Class Neufeld-oriented care on a per child basis (additional)

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