Recycled Rocket Test Lab

April 03, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

On Page 45 of the current issue,  Callie Hamilton of the Children’s Museum of Bozeman wrote about Recycled Rockets. Looked like it would be fun, so the kids and I gave it a whirl!

If you don't happen to have a foam pipe insulation tube hanging around in your garage, Kenyon Noble has plenty. The foam tubes are six feet long and cost less than two dollars a piece. I also found a bag of 50 assorted zip ties there and they were also around $1.79. By re-using the styrofoam meat trays and a couple of rubber bands, this becomes a truly inexpensive and fun play-date activity.

Here we go!

Secure a zip tie through a rubber band. It will look like a needle with a loop on the end.

The foam tube has a factory made slit. Carefully pull it apart a couple of inches.

Insert the zip tie and rubber band into the tube,"needle" first, on the end that you've split, letting the rubber band hang out of the end. This allows you overlap the foam to close it securely.

Secure the second zip tie around the outside of the tube at the end with the rubber band tight enough that the zip-tied rubber band cannot be pulled out.

Wrap the end around and duct tape it down. Cutting it only leaves you with a sharp end on your projectile.

Cut two triangle-shaped fins from your Styrofoam tray. Attach to the base of your rocket with

duct tape.

Decorate with paint, stickers, markers or whatever supplies you have around the house. We like how ours looked with the fancy red duct tape and left it at that. It was also fun to see who had the best launching technique and who could shoot theirs the farthest. My son was the champ today. I'll get him tomorrow!


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