Reaching up to higher heights - Women’s Climbing Clinic at Spire

July 22, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

This intimidating little 4 foot time consumer is my practice rope.

I have two more weeks of my Women's Climbing Clinic at Spire and I feel like I have come leaps and bounds forward. Or rather, upward. I decided to join the class because my son really geared into the Climbing Camp and I wanted to climb with him, but I also joined the class because I used to be a climber and I wanted to see if it was still fun for me.

Leigh, my instructor and I were talking about my previous experience with climbing and my different climbing partners. Back in my 20s I was climbing with some pretty ambitious people and there weren't very many women out there. Maybe one in 4, probably more like one in 10 of the people I'd see outside playing with gravity was a woman. And I was simply out matched on most days.

Leigh said, "As corny as it sounds, I really think that climbing with someone because you like climbing is the truest definition of a climber. I think you'll find you're much more confident, happy and at peace."

And isn't that the truth about any endeavor. Replace "climbing" and "climber" with anything; writing, painting, running, parenting. Nothing to it, but to do it.

Regarding the confidence, happiness and peace. . . All true. Plus I am way better at being a human being these days. All of my sports stuff, yoga and running and skiing and everything I do with the kids and my hubby help me reach that place. My 'break-up' with climbing really was hard on my heart. It does feel good to reconnect with it and to be able to embrace it as a process. Interestingly, when I mention that I am taking the workshop to other women, the common response is, "Oooh! Fun! I did some climbing but that was ages ago." Well, I personally would like to encourage all you former climbing mamas to get back out there. It's way more fun now.

My daughter and I were hanging out poolside during my son's swimming lesson today and I talked about it with the other mom that we sit with. 'It', meaning, the overall great thing that focused Phy-Ed is moms of young kids. It is a huge transition from being 100% focused on the well-being of your small people and allowing some of that back in for yourself. But frankly, it is super-duper therapeutic. You can't think about or worry about your deadlines or if the laundry is done or any of your other stresses when you are fully engaged in whatever sport floats your boat.

We all think that we won't subsume ourselves completely when we have kids, but we all do out of nature and necessity. She fully mirrored that. It's kinda funny but moms with kids who are just about to be school aged all seem to be going through a similar personal transition.

So for me, this workshop is just great. It's something that I once really loved. And now as I evolve again I have picked the best climbing partners in the world, my family.

And look here, it's a super fancy double fisherman's knot! Tied by yours truly!

Spire will be hosting another women's clinic in September. I will be sure to post the info!

And just for inspiration.


All my best, BunnyFufu ~ the housewife

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