Patterns are back, baby!

January 05, 2015

Posted By: Shaunescy

Why, oh why is the model wearing heels?

I recently went shopping for some new athletic wear. After working on my fitness and getting myself certified to teach aerial yoga it seemed like it was time to invest in a couple of new pairs of yoga tights.

Post baby, when I started running a few years ago, I ran headlong into a seemingly minor problem that many returning exercise enthusiasts face. All of my yoga/running tights hadn’t been used for anything but pajamas in a long while. And they looked like it. Of course they weren’t literally dusty and mothballed, but they carried all of the psychic somnambulism of actual sleep. Not really the self esteem booster that most of us are after with a gym experience.

So I outfitted myself with a series of black and grey capris and tights. An understated uniform that perfectly suited the job; the job being simply to begin. Now that I have a practice – also given that I am in a gym or studio more regularly, I’ve been noticing the trend towards patterned athletic gear for women. At first, I felt a little awed by any woman who had the chutzpah to wear them. I mean, first of all, they are tights – but then to also wear brightly colored op art on your hinder? That just seemed so far out of my depth. But like many trends, It’s grown on me. (Skinny jeans, anyone? I swore I’d never wear ‘em. Yet, here I am with a closet chocked full.)

I picked up these crazy pants this weekend. When I tried them on, it was a revelation. They’re good. Shapes and curves exist, but in the actual wearing, their garish nature somehow seems to conceal more. Like good battle armor, I suppose. Or maybe camouflage.

Yeah, maybe don't go for actual camouflage. (Also seriously, why is she wearing heels!?!)

I don’t recommend anything that smacks as being truly 80s retro. That was a horrible decade for fitness fashion and should stay buried deeply in the past. With the exception of legwarmers. Legwarmers rock.


All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

(and, embarrassingly,  a former Jazz dance student.)

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