On Being Strong vs. Soggy

April 03, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

Last night, my six year old says, "Mom, I have to tell you something. . . you see, I like you like this. It's been great."

Aw, what do you mean little bud?

[He's tearing up a little.]

"I am afraid of when your body will get old and soggy."


 A few things:

I think this means that he's noticed my workout efforts, also that I better get hoppin' on the Ponce de Leon cruise!

But, Oh my heavens. . . that is not a typo. He said, "soggy." My sweet boy delivers one of those glistening-gut-punch messages and it's made all the better by the visuals I am instantly flashing on of leftover toast or used paper towels. I, too, find that idea frightening.


In the beginning of February I started taking classes at Bozeman Aerial Fitness. I love it. My spine feels great. I feel significantly stronger, plus I am just having so much fun. The practice is just so playful.

I think starting any kind of fitness regimen has a number of challenges built in before you ever take a step in to the studio or the gym. Half of the battle is simply showing up. Making or finding the time in your schedule to take care of your body is something that many mothers struggle with. For me, I had to put it on my calendar as an appointment and take it seriously. That was true for me with my running with Run Bozeman , pilates, and now with Aerial Fitness. It's a lot easier now that I've been scheduling time for my fitness for over a year.

Gaining confidence is another hurdle that I had to overcome. I do not incorporate kinesthetic knowledge easily. I love to dance but I can't learn a dance routine on the fly. I have to do things over and over before that mental groove forms in my brain.

The other confidence I really needed to work on was way more vain. I don't like to look goofy or awkward, who does? But it takes a lot of effort to do things with grace and I am also in a place now where I don't care if I am a sweaty mess or my pose isn't perfect. It's not about that. It's about making it better or stronger or more graceful than when I tried it before. Besides, that's the work that builds strength.

Finding a trainer that you connect with is really key too. So much of that comes down to personality. I just really think Becca is funny/witty. Or more precisely, I think I am a reasonably smart cookie, but. . . when I am at the gym or studio I am already feeling kinda dumb.  She's always able to talk to me where I am at. Which is awesome. She'll laugh and let out a "whoa" right along with me when I've maxed out on a particular strength move.

And you know what? I was worried that I wouldn't ever be able to touch my tootsies together like my instructor in this inverted baddha konasana. And now I just flip myself right into it.

Don't fret little buddy. Mom's not gonna get old and soggy anytime soon!


All my best, Bunnyfufu


8:30-9:45 AM class is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays

Call Becca to book a spot!

(406) 579-9303

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