Oh Wow! Montana Fish Company has a Sushi Bar!

January 08, 2014

Posted By: Shaunescy

Zing! A revelation! Is there anything food that you can think of that makes you feel more alive than Sushi? I always feel a little buzzy after a good plate of sashimi. I don't know if its the vitality of the fish or the wasabi, ginger and daikon. All I know is that when it's done right, it makes me feel fabulous. Well, I just love the Montana Fish Company anyway, because YUM fresh fish is delicious! But now they have a Sushi Bar. Located on Main Street in Downtown Bozeman (between Black and Bozeman, next to the Rocky Mountain Toy Co.) makes this the perfect spot to stop in and fill up your tank!

Being a big fan of sushi, I am so excited about this new addition. All of the ingredients are coming from as close to the original source as they can, without your actually being in Hawaii or Maine or Alaska.  Air cargo arrives fresh daily to Bozeman where master fish cutters precisely fillet and process the widest array of fresh fish available. But you already knew that, right?  I mean, who doesn't buy their fish from these guys?

This is sushi chef, Paul. He is a rockstar. He trained for years in California with chefs from the Japanese run, Naked Fish. He cares a lot about what he's serving.

Go grab a seat at the counter and let him make whatever he wants to make for you. Because, that is the best way to go. The sushi bar has only been open for 3 weeks but that is what everybody does. Impressive that the culture of the shop is already imbedded and in sync with the chef. You want to eat the freshest and most invigorating plate possible. Paul knows what that is, every day.

Here is what he whipped up for me today. Zounds! I am a happy girl.

Platters, Private Parties and Classes are available. I am going to have to see about taking a class! How much fun would that be? The menu is totally reasonably priced but it's always so great to learn how something is made.

Here is a sampling of the pricing:

Miso Soup $4

2pc Nigiri $6

3 pc Sashimi $6

Horomaki [thin roll] $6

Uramaki [rice outside] $8

Chef's Choice $12 and up.

If you haven't liked them on Facebook already, you can click here . They post with updates about what shipments are coming in. It's a handy way to find fresh options for your dinner menu. Or to simply be inspired to feed yourself a treat.

Itadakimasu! ( ?????) Japanese equivalent of Bon Appetit!


All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

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