Observing Amy ~ or ~ Pregnancy with Reuben

September 04, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

Here is what the bumper sticker says:

I just had lunch with a friend. She's awesome. I've written about her before as she's one of my fitness inspirations . Amy is always a juggernaut of interest. Not only is she sweet, petite and quietly artistic, she used to be a drummer in a band and she also held the national light fly-weight women's boxing championship title . . . 3 times. She literally kicks a**. And now she's also half-way through her first pregnancy.

I have known her long enough to have gone through many a phase with her. And some of these phases I think are pretty common. We both have gone through not really liking dogs, to later having gigantic silly pups as pets. Mine was a Pyrenees, hers is an adolescent Labradoodle. Big, dopey and enthusiastic breeds.  It's fun to watch that transformation in her and see her as she experiences the highs and lows of being the person for a ridiculous animal.

The other day she tells me, "I woke up this morning with my dog standing over me on the bed. ....then he let out a burp and threw up in my hair. It's gonna be a great day!" And dear readers, I don't think this makes me a bad person but as I was imagining the scene; my pregnant and still morning sick friend with her floppy and exuberant, 120 pound Fozzy Bear-lookin', rye bread colored mop, greeting her in this manner, what was my reaction? Well, I laughed. Super-duper hard. To the point of tears.

Ok, whew. That is all to give you an introduction. See, we're all friends now. (Just so you know, Amy really does kick-butt. She approves of this message and gave me her blessing to write about it.)

When I took her to lunch my plan was to interview her about how workouts were going as an extreme athlete during pregnancy. "Uh, yeah let's do that interview after I have the baby. I'm still really wrapping my head around the reality of it all. I still think that I'm going to be scheduling bouts in the spring." My eyes widen and I stifle the laugh and let out a knowing sigh. Smiling and nodding because this phase is kinda the golden one I get to watch her go through.

We talk a little more about her fitness plans. I assure her that she will be back in the gym in spring, but I am not too sure about when she'll step back into the ring. Her midwife is similarly supportive. "I asked her if I could plan on cross-country skiing this winter and she said, 'sure, that's perfect.' And I asked about ice-skating, too. And she said yep. . . And then she said 'wait, do you mean cross-country or nordic skate-skiing? And when you say ice-skating, you're talking about skating around a rink right? Not hockey.' Moderation (and when you're pregnant - modulation) in all things m'dear.

You see, Amy has the pregnancy dumbs . If you've been pregnant, you know this phase. It's a doozy. Sometimes, I can still feel the lasting effects and it's been a few years since I was in those shoes. It's the slow culture shock of really becoming a mother. Although, sometimes it comes in really short and sharp shocks, too. You are becoming, getting formed and reformed, physically and mentally making space for the teeny-tiny tyrant that you fall hard and deeply in love with. The one who will really wake you up with a lot of puking. And you will smile and laugh and shrug it off because, good morning sweetheart! It's gonna be a great day.

I'm feeling pretty lucky to have a ring-side seat.


All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

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