Now that school is back in session . . . I am thinking about my hair and my underwear. lol

September 06, 2014

Posted By: Shaunescy

It has been a long and blissful summer. We've had 15 house-guests since Memorial day. Seriously, about 2 weeks total of the summer, my house has not been the BunnyFufu Hotel. Not because we are particularly popular or fantastic hosts -- More because of our proximity to Yellowstone National Park and our extended family (all of whom live out of state) are lovely and gracious enough to come here and kill two birds with one stone.

So when the school year approached, I grumpussed a little bit about the back to school supply lists and fretted about making lunches, but overall was really, truly, and deeply honestly looking forward to having at least a couple of hours a day that I was not responsible to anyone else.

That doesn't mean that I was going to go on a Chelsea Handler type binge of bizarre self-indulgent, self-destruction. Because, let's face it, unless you are making upwards of a million dollars a year, society tends to frown on it. But I was going to spend half a day in the salon and I was going to make it to my annual doctor's appointment.

So I made the arrangements to do so. 1st day of school, I was getting myself all shiny and blonde. Turns out that I somehow didn't get the letter in the mail informing me that Kindergarten Classes, didn't actually start till the next day and I had to be at Kindergarten Orientation during the bulk of my hair appointment.

Ack! First world problems, right? No worries, I moved the appointment back an hour because my stylist is amazing and will help if she can, and hubs was able to take care of the littlest pirate for the rest of it. Whew.

My long hair, newly chopped off into an A-line bob and re-blonded . . . I met with Vanessa . I've written about Vanessa before, she is the gal who does sugaring at Hot Shots Salon and Day Spa. And as I write about this experience again, I will continue to avoid sharing exactly what I had sugared, but will tell you that this process is far more extensive than having your eyebrows waxed (which I also did, yay!) and less painful afterwards. (Yay! Again.)

Everyone knows that waxing your eyebrows -- just to clean up the strays, looks amazing. Well, it really looks amazing a day or two after you've done it. Immediately after you've had it done, you must wear sunglasses and hide under the cover of darkness because your eyebrow ridges (that will looks so smart in 24 hours) are now glowing like a baboons ass. Right where people look at you. ugh.

Sugaring, for heaven-knows what reason, whether it's because they pull towards the grain or if it's the compound used or the practitioner 's skill . . . hurts like a mofo w hile it is going on, but your skin if just fine immediately afterwards. Amazing. But, I digress.


So then, on the next day. Whilst the kidlets are both supposed to be in school, I have my annual scheduled. I really love the practice that I go to . And in fact, my doc there and I had some really funny and frank talks about lady-parts hair removal before I ever did it. Maybe that's weird, I brought it up and perhaps needed to have a laugh about something as the reality of what this gal who could be my friend if her job wasn't to examine my glands, examined my glands.

We talked about birth control. And she and I discussed IUDs. I think that the most important piece of information that I got out of our conversation is this. Now that the insurances and the coverages have changed to include birth-control, this is an option for many more women.

Insurance now covers the device, whereas before it didn't. Insertion is almost always covered too. Of course, you'd have to look at your plan and deductibles (meaning the portion you pay before insurance applies) because it would count towards that. But before the changes to allow Birth Control, the device itself would have cost you an out-of-pocket charge of $1500.


It really is amazing what a person can find out when they have more than 2 hours to themselves a day.


All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

(Super secret tip - Vanessa , the lovely and funny green mowhawked gal I go to see will give you $10 off of a brazillian, if you mention that you read this.)

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