Notes about this Wednesday’s Run!

June 26, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

Just a quick update for those of you who want to run with us this week!

Tyler of the Bozeman Running Company and Run Bozeman says:

"Hope we're all staying cool and motivated in the hot weather! There are some big change-ups this week to our normal routine. To keep things fresh and interesting, we will be exploring some new trails and meeting at a different location for both Wednesday and Saturday's runs .     On Wednesday we will congregate and begin the routes from Gallatin County Regional Park (the one with the new Dinosaur Playground) at 6pm as usual.  There is a parking lot located off of Oak Street and Meagher Ave on the right hand side of the road.  If anyone is in need of a ride or would like to carpool, you are welcome to meet at the store around 5:40 and take off from there. The route we currently have mapped out is 4.5 miles, and additional distances will be available Wednesday evening after we scout the new trails out there tomorrow. Water and Gatorade will be available as usual, but remember to protect yourself against the heat in any other ways you find necessary (headgear, hand held water bottles, etc).

(Wed) -     Saturday morning will be our first trail run! The group will meet at 8am at the trailhead of the Bozeman Creek Trail . This will serve to accommodate some of the longer distances (those following the Full Marathon Advanced training schedule should be ready for a 17-miler!) and be a fun change from Kagy and Main St. Again, consider the mileage you will be running if putting together a carpool-no one going 6 miles will want to wait for someone going 17, obviously. The weather is forecasted to be HOT HOT HOT again on Saturday, so make sure to outfit yourself accordingly. Unfortunately we will be unable to set up aid stations for those running longer distances, so think about packing plenty of water and gels. Water and gatorade will be stationed at the trailhead for the start and finish of the run. (Sat) -

There will be more details to follow on Wednesday, but please make sure to spread the word and remind others of the location changes so that everyone makes it there! Reminders will be posted on our facebook page as well. See you then!

Happy Trails, - The BRC Crew -"

I hope to see more of you out and about. I'll post about this again on our Montana Parent Facebook page tomorrow. ~bunnyfufu

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