Norwex - By Adrienne Schroeder

April 08, 2014

Posted By: Shaunescy

I’m not someone who gets excited about cleaning. EVER.

One of my favorite eCards I’ve seen is the one that says “The only thing I ?hate worse than a messy house is cleaning.” ??And really, with young kids and dogs it’s virtually impossible to keep up ?with it. Isn’t it? I don’t think it’s just me…??But I recently learned about Norwex cleaning cloths and after I ?(skeptically) tried some, I am now in love with them.

They are microfiber clothes that you only need to use with water to ?clean like you wouldn’t believe. JUST WATER. No chemicals. The ?microfibers in Norwex cloths are 1/200th the size of a human hair with ?silver cleaning agents embedded into every strand of the microfiber.

Instead of just spreading the dirt and grime around like a typical cotton ?cloth would, the microfiber cloths actually pick it all up. Once wet, ?the silver inhibits mold, mildew growth and bacterial odor within the ?product. Which is why they don’t stink after a couple of days like cotton.

All of that is great but here is what convinced me of their effectiveness…?I have these huge, glass sliding doors in my kitchen that lead to the back ?yard. And I have two huge dogs. And it’s spring mud season. When my ?dogs are outside and want to come in, they like to paw at the glass doors ?with their muddy paws. And they’re so big that the muddy paw prints ?are at eye level, not way down low where you wouldn’t notice them as ?much. It drives me crazy because I don’t love cleaning windows and ?I’m constantly wiping them down but even with natural and traditional ?window cleaners they never look great. So I thought the perfect test to see if Norwex cloths really worked would be to try and clean these muddy, glass doors using just water. I have to say, it’s the cleanest those doors have looked in years. I wet one of the Enviro Cloths (Norwex’s popular go-to cloth) with water and wiped the glass doors down. Then I took one of their Polishing Cloths and dried it off with that. That’s it and they were completely clean. The cloths work just as well on mirrors.

Used dry, they are great for dusting too. Norwex has mop pads, dish ?mats, and car cloths among many other products including a line of ?household cleaners and laundry detergents. If you have never tried ?them I would definitely recommend them. ??If you’re interested in learning more or trying some out for yourself you ?can contact . She often holds classes as well, check ?out her facebook page for upcoming events . (There’s one on April 12!)

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