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July 06, 2015

Posted By: Shaunescy

These books that I am reviewing are not for the children, they are for you moms to read for when the children are in bed.

Consolation by Corinne Michaels

I would say that right now this is my favorite book. I started reading this book right after I had watched the movie “American Sniper” which is now one of my favorite movies. Watching “American Sniper” may have had an influence on me liking “Consolation.”

Consolation is about a woman names Natalie who is 8 months pregnant when her husband’s friend comes to the door one day, and when you are married to a Navy Seal who is deployed, this is not a good sign. Natalie’s Navy Seal husband was killed in action overseas. She is devastated, with a baby on the way.

It is almost a year later and one day someone knocks on the door, it is her late husband’s best friend Liam. Liam did Navy training with Natalie’s husband and after that they stayed close even though they weren’t on the same Seal team. Liam has moved to Virginia from California, Virginia is where Natalie lives with her one year old daughter. Liam has come to make sure that Natalie is doing ok.

Liam and Natalie start to spend a lot of time together and eventually fall in love but their happiness doesn’t last for long…….

The sequel to Consolation is Conviction and my review is below, so be careful, spoiler alert below!!!!

Conviction by Corinne Michaels

Conviction is the sequel to Consolation. Don’t read on if you plan on reading Consolation first. Spoiler Alert Below!!!!

Consolation ended with Natalie answering the door to Liam and when Liam steps aside there is Natalie’s late husband Arron. Arron didn’t die overseas but ended up being taken captive by Iraqis. When Liam was deployed his mission was to see if it was actually Arron who was being held captive.

Liam is devastated because he thinks that Natalie will automatically go back to Arron, but that is not what she wants. Natalie is totally in love with Liam and she is happy with him. In the last book Natalie found out that her husband Arron was cheating on her when they were trying to get pregnant. Arron was still cheating on her when they found out she pregnant. This helped Natalie move on a lot faster. She knew that there was something wrong with her marriage. Her and Arron had been moving apart before he got deployed.

Natalie has moved on from Arron and wants to be with Liam, but Liam won’t see it. He says that he doesn’t want to be the other man.

Arron is determined to win Natalie back, he thinks that she will come running back to him because they have a daughter together, but Natalie doesn’t love Arron anymore. Natalie is really happy with Liam and Liam loves Natalie and her daughter like she is his own.

There is a love triangle going on by the end of the book everyone is happy…….

Shannon is Montana Parent Magazine's intern for the summer. She is currently a senior at the University of Montana Western. She is a Butte native with strong Irish roots. She doesn't have kids of her own yet but she has 4 dogs that she loves and treats as her own.

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