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July 05, 2011

Posted By: Photo Candy

A couple years ago we were introduced to the Mountain Pie. Ever since we have been fascinated, and enjoying these on every camp trip. Everyone comes up with their own twist on the flavors with whatever is on hand, the options are endless!

Think grilled cheese sandwich, you butter the outside of two slices of bread and fill with your choice of filling then clamp the pie iron shut and toast until golden brown in the hot coals of your campfire.

Our favorite filling combinations include:

- Nutella and bananas - spread Nutella on the inside of one of the slices of buttered bread and top with banana slices. The hot banana and chocolate combo is so yummy!

-Nutella and Strawberries, my kids like to put marshmallow slices in too...

-Fluffer Nutter - peanut butter, marshmallow slices and banana slices

-Pizza - spread pizza sauce, top with cheese and any other pizza topping

-Ham and Cheese

You can find the pie irons at any camping store or even the camping sections in Target and K-Mart. Who knew! Coleman makes the brand we have with a non-stick coating on the inside, but there are also cast iron versions that make 2 pies at once! ENJOY!

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