Montana Harvest & Juice Republic by Adrienne Schroeder

December 04, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

I love Bozeman and I like to support our local businesses.   But I have to admit, I hadn't been to Montana Harvest in years.  Maybe not even since I was in college?   In my mind, it was kind of like a smaller version of the Co-op.   But that's not what it is at all . . .

Two years ago it changed ownership and is now owned by Tricia Emmons.  The store itself has evolved into it's own unique market with it's own juice bar/soup and sandwich shop inside called Juice Republic.

Tricia described Montana Harvest now as a "healthy convenience store". Maybe there was a time, years ago, when it was trying to be more of a grocery store, but not anymore.  Which is smart, because really, who is doing their grocery shopping downtown anyway?

Montana Harvest has long been known for it's wide variety of supplements.   There were more than I remembered though.  Two full aisles of supplements for babies, adults and even pets, with staff ready to answer any of your questions.

They've also got a nice selection of natural make-ups, shampoos and cleaning supplies, in addition to bulk bins full of various foods, grains and herbs.

While there aren't a ton of grocery items, they have a little bit of everything, from milk, juice and chips, to baby food and quinoa pasta.  There is a small frozen food section, a great snack section with a lot of gluten free options and a whole shelf of good quality chocolate bars.  (Yay!)

But my favorite spot in the store is in the back where Juice Republic is located.  Everything is made there, smoothies, soups, sandwiches, and some decadent looking, naturally sweetened treats.  I thought it was all very reasonably priced for quality, homemade food.   There's even seating available as well.

They had a few items from their deli wrapped up and I grabbed a tub of their Asian Cabbage Salad to try when I got home.

May I just say, WOW!

It was one of the best salads I've ever had.  (And I've been a vegetarian for 20 years.  I'm kind of a salad connoisseur.)

It was so good, seasoned perfectly and very fresh.  From what I could gather it mainly consisted of fresh kale, shredded cabbage and carrots.   The dressing it was tossed with was really great.  Maybe toasted sesame oil and some tamari?  A little ginger?

I was going to just try a bite or two and then photograph it and use the rest later over rice but I ended up eating the whole tub and bought a second one when I went back to the store to take some pictures.  (I ate that one with dinner).

Everything is made there by Rebecca Heemstra and Karissa Liddell.

I was so glad to see the store again for what it really is and I will absolutely be back, if for no other reason than to grab a quick lunch from Juice Republic.   I don't think we can have enough places in town where you can run in and get a quick, healthy meal with vegetarian and gluten free options for under $10.

And I should mention, even though Montana Harvest is located right downtown, on Willson between Main and Babcock, parking was not an issue at all.  There is free parking in back of the store but I was able to park my giant Suburban right in front of the store each time I went, and I was there three times in two days . . .

Visit them in person or at .  And definitely get a bite to eat at Juice Republic.


Today's guest blog is from Adrienne Schroeder who writes . Adrienne is a mother of three (vegetarian) children who loves to create simple, healthy meals for her family. 

She is also a local photographer whose work has been published in Montana Parent, Mothering and Parenting magazines and can be seen at www. adrienneschroederphotography. com.  

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