Mommy on a Mission - Pilates - Week Three

October 03, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

What you really need to know before your first Pilates session.

Functional Form has a Health Inventory that you fill out. This helps your trainer customize the session to address your individual needs and goals. It’s really quick and easy and you do it online in less than 2 minutes. Although, I’d recommend that you give yourself a little time to think about what your fitness goals are. Do you want to improve your posture or tone your post baby abs back into shape? Pilates will do both, but if you and your trainer have something to shoot for all the better!

Who goes to Pilates? Men and women of all ages. Definitely more women go to Pilates but I spied a man or two. There is a lot of interest in pregnancy fitness, too! Pilates is great for stamina and core building and you can easily see how that could help a mama!

What should you wear? Yoga style clothing. There are positions where your legs are over your head, so please wear appropriate clothing to not expose your self. No shoes, socks options for some things. Hair tie just in case. Might want to start with a short/or long sleeve shirt and strip down to a tank top as you warm up. They also have showers for your use, if needed.

How much does it cost ? Pilates sessions run anywhere from $70 for a private session to $15 for a mat class. There are pre-paid multi-class discounts and referral benefits.

What are the main benefits of Pilates? Solid, lean, long muscles. Rapidly improved posture. Weight loss. Feeling energized and aware from the awesome power of your super-strengthened core. Gorgeousness, because when you move with grace and strength it’s hard to be anything but.

The biggest and most impressive benefit for me was this, I used to LOVE to go and get a massage. Loved it. But in the past couple of years, I simply haven’t. I think it’s because where I am at in my life right now, the only time I feel that I am supposed to be laying down and not doing anything is when I am asleep. But I still get tight spots and kinks.

Guess what? After my first private Pilates session, I felt just as fabulous as if I’d had a massage. No kidding.

So lovelies, I am wrapping up my time with Functional Form . The only thing I haven’t addressed in this blog is the fun factor. All I can tell you about that is that although it is a serious workout, I laughed a lot. At myself and at my trainer’s witty humor. I hope to get in there soon to photograph and write up an at home series of movements for you to try out.

Next week, I’ll begin my little pas-de-deux with Pure Barre. Oh . . la-la! ~BunnyFufu

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