Mommy on a Mission - Pilates - update and a 6 year olds take on a trainer

October 18, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

I went to return a couple of books and drop off a thank you card at Functional Form today. Their studio is really busy and they work at dynamic hours throughout. I happened to stop by when they weren't in.

My kids and I were in the car and they are super tuned to the bluetooth phone thingy that the Prius has. They are always actively listening when I am on the phone, probably because the sound is so good through the speakers.

Here's my message to Meg and Jan:

"Hi Gals! It's Bunny. I have your books and I am hoping to drop them off. I'll be in town for a bit and then am heading back to the boonies to relax. Let me know when you'll be around because I have something else for you too. Ok, bye-bye!"

My son says: Mom, what else do you have for them?

Me: It's just a thank you and a gift card because they are good teachers and I am thankful.

My son: They are good trainers? They trained you well?

Me: Yeah! I really feel like I've gained a lot from them. They are really good. So I want to thank them.

My son: So mom, they trained you really well? Like how to sit? And how to lay down?

Me:   . . .ugh, Yes son, I suppose so. (laughing my ass off on the inside)


All by best, BunnyFufu

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