Mommy on a Mission—Injury to Recovery ~ Or Pardon my French, my my new workout partner is a b****

December 26, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

If you've been reading the blog and checking out the fitness stuff I've been up to, you know that I have done a Couch to 5-k program, Pilates, Sweaty Bettys, Pole Fitness, Pure Barre, a Rock Climbing clinic at Spire and Aerial Yoga. I was going great for about 2 years. And I am really missing writing about this for you. I have been loving the process of regaining my body and it's essential strength, post babies.

So my friends here it is. I have crappy posture. Unless I am in yoga class or in front of a camera, I stand like a skinny person. I have a studied slouch. So much so that for a long time (probably years and years) when doing normal things like cooking, I basically just weighted my right leg. Having had small people to hold for the past several years, I just propped them on my left hip and kept standing on my right and got down to the work of the day. I didn't hyper extend anything, I severely underused it. And by getting stronger, I threw everything into a stark contrast.

What happened is that I had a mysterious knee injury. October 24th, after nothing in particular I stood up from my desk to answer the 88888th "Mom! I need you!!!" request from my daughter. I headed her way and on the 4th step towards her, I couldn't put weight on my left knee. At all.

Ok. Wow. I feel like I have been in the best shape of my life. I've always been limber and wiry, but for the past two years I have really put myself out there and gone after a personal sense of well-being. Partially to simply strip some of the barriers away for you. One of the central questions I always try to address in anything I write is, "How do I, as an actual mom, make this happen or find time to take care of myself?"  But, I mainly have been pursuing my fitness goals because it is really flippin' fun.

So all of a sudden, I couldn't walk. I couldn't tie it to anything that I had done and I so wished that I could! Mom doesn't get to go down. There are implications for me, for my hubby for my kids. I can't be on the sidelines. And if I'd been running at the time, or been on a serious hike, or had hyper-extended the darn thing the day before . . . that , I could understand, but for heaven's sake, I am 41 and not new to fitness, yoga or dance. I am very careful about using my body in a bio-mechanically correct way. This was just weird and very, very painful.

At this point, I realize that I could have injured myself years ago and finally a little piece of whatever was floating around in there, causing me to lock up. Yet there I was, a $1000 MRI later that shows nothing, my typically arrogant surgeon (and, Hey! That's fine with me that we are not best buds because if someone is going to be digging around in a major joint, what I want them to be proficient in is the mechanics over manners) says to me, "Well, you are a slight woman. Since the MRI looks very normal, the next thing we look for is an area of weakness. Do you know of a PT that you can work with?"

My first thought was, "Hey, jack-hole, I'm not the hard one to work with!" But, I rallied. I said, "Well, this is really surprising for me. But, I have a friend, Juliette at Vail PT. I trust her." And he had his office send over a prescription for some Physical Therapy.

[What you need to know is that Montana does not require pre-notification for PT. If your insurance covers it, you can go find a PT that you like and get help.]

Le *sigh. An area of weakness. Harrumph

My physical therapist is helping me understand all of this. She's good.

She's not my new workout partner who's the bitch. It's me, am the bitch-y one. I am going to fight my way through and get back to my FUN goals! Nobody, puts Bunny in a corner.

I am fighting my way back, how about you? what are your fitness goals for 2014?


All my best, BunnyFufu ~ The Housewife

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