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February 06, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

Dearest Reader,

Have you figured out that I aspire to be a joyful person? I've always said that laughing is my hobby. Of course, I can hunker in with the best of 'em and hide behind a cup of coffee, a good book and my thick plastic framed glasses and think uptight and severe thoughts. Chignon so tight that when I take it out, I get a headache.

But I'd rather not. I'd rather laugh and pull my shoulders away from my earlobes and bound like a puppy towards the new day. All it takes is a little practice.

I am determined to be able to put my toes together like this!

As I began typing with my tingly workout tired fingers, while writing Aerial Yoga, I accidentally typed in Aerial Yoda . Which is actually a great place to start. I started class today with Becca at Bozeman Aerial Fitness. and if you've been following my workout blogs you know about my fitness exploits .

Becca's studio has grown and transformed in the past couple of months to now encompass classes such as Aerial Yoga, Aerial Fusion Workout, and of course Pole Fitness. But that is not an unexpected development. She is the real deal, a really gifted trainer, a happy passionate guru of fun fitness. Hence, my thinking that my workout weary finger fumble is accurate. She doesn't speak in backward formations or anything like that, but she does make me laugh and think while I am stretching and swinging and twisting and turning. It's fun.

So what is Aerial Yoga?

It is a yoga based workout with traditional stretching, balancing, breathing exercises that build core strength and create a mind body connection. Add in a long silk hammock apparatus for support and a good instructor . . . Voila! If you're familiar with partner yoga, you will easily see how the silk can become your support partner.

Also true about this workout is that it is flexible. In that, I mean that there are ways to modify poses to suit a beginner or push the student into a deeper stretch. Like Pilates and other yoga workouts you really do get out of it what you put into it. Your pace, your scale is what you are developing.

All I know is that when she showed me how to step across the silk and have a seat for the first time and likened the sensation of being suspended in the colorful little hammock to being a woodland creature, I knew that I could just be in the moment, workout and have fun.

I am the lemur.

Here is Becca, being the Lemur.


All my best, Bunnyfufu

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