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April 21, 2014

Posted By: Shaunescy

Here at Montana Parent, we know a lot of teachers. Dance, music, sports, preschool through high school, we do our best to help you know more about what is coming. And one of the most exciting and bewildering times is when you decide to send your little one off to preschool for the very first time.

We asked our friend Erin if she would be willing to share some of her insights. She has been teaching for more than 12 years and has spent the last 6 years teaching preschoolers at the Main Street Dance Theatre’s Creative Arts Preschool.


BunnyFufu: So, Miss Erin. . . What do you think the main goals of a preschool experience?

Miss Erin: At Creative Arts Preschool, our main focus is on social and emotional development. I think that is true for most preschools. Getting the kids ready for primary school through activities, crafts, movement. And helping parents to be ready, too! It’s a real process to figure all of the logistics involved for a family to juggle work, life and school schedules. Because we work with kids aged 3- 5 years old, often a preschool is the first experience kids have with a schedule. We try to make it fun!

BF: How can a parent prepare their child for preschool?

Miss Erin: Well, one way is to sign up for a summer-camp or class. They are a shorter length of time and a great way to get your feet wet. Plus, camp or other class experiences are a great way to ‘test-drive’ a school. It lets you find out if your child is ready for preschool and also if the school is a good fit for you and your family.

But on an every day basis, getting your child ready is making sure they’ve had a  good breakfast and that they are wearing what they feel comfortable in. That helps reduce the negative chaos so we can focus on letting their minds blossom. Kids are bursting with creativity and we want to help them express that.

BF: That is so true! I know my kids turn really grumpy if they  haven’t had enough to eat in the morning. So it is really training for the parents too.

Miss Erin: I am a mother as well, in fact my youngest daughter is a student at the Creative Arts Preschool. I am in the same boat as the many parents, busy mornings getting everyone where they need to go. I am sympathetic to the hectic schedules we all keep. But I am teaching preschool because I really love helping families make these important first steps.

BF: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions. What kind of topics do you think you’ll write about on the Montana Parent blog, Gum in Your Hair?

Miss Erin: I hope to write about the creative process and general things that I’ve noticed about my students over the years. They do and say some of the best things.

BF: Wonderful! We are looking forward to it!


Erin Sobrepena teaches at the Creative Arts Preschool and hopes to share some of her experiences and make you laugh a little. Feel free to post a question. Is there anything you've been wanting to ask about preschool?

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