Mint Dental Studio by Adrienne Schroeder

November 04, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

I don’t think I’m alone here when I say, I usually don’t love going to the dentist. It’s not that I’ve had a bad experience with one; it just tends to be uncomfortable and expensive. So far all of the dentists I’ve seen in Bozeman over the years I have liked. But I recently made a change…

Mint Dental Studio has been downtown for a couple of years now. It’s located on the corner of Mendenhall and Black. Every time I drive by I notice the pretty blue-green walls inside and the bright white decals. It looks modern and fresh. I think everyone’s heard that they have treats for grown-ups when you walk in. (Great idea for nervous dental patients…) I assumed that it would be more expensive just because it was so new and modern looking and I liked my dentist just fine so I never felt a need to check it out before. (Though I have to say, I’m always surprised to find that most dentist offices I go to still have a similar décor to the one I went to as a child in the 80’s but I try not to judge a book by it’s cover...) However, I’ve moved in the last couple of years and now I live closer to Mint Dental Studio than my previous dentist so I finally decided to check it out.

You should know that I have at least one of my kids with me at all times. My youngest hasn’t started pre-school yet and my baby-sitter has a real job during the day so that means my little guy accompanies me to all of my appointments. Which means every time a doctor or a dental appointment comes up, I hold my breath and bribe him a lot that day. Most places have a few toys for kids but Mint knocks it out of the park. The toys are CLEAN. (Halleluiah!) There are tons of them, a huge variety, and I’ve spent enough time at Rocky Mountain Toy Company to know that many are from there. My son LOVES them. The staff is great with kids, so nice and patient. Last time my son crawled all over the room (and the hallway) with some tractor that sings the same song over and over and when I mentioned that I can’t believe they haven’t taken the batteries out of those loud toys they must have to listen to all day, the dental hygienist said one of the duties on the office closing list is to check that all of the toys that need batteries are working properly! WHAAAAAT???? That’s awesome. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been somewhere that my kids were so excited to play with some new toy that had flashing lights and made noise only to give it to me whining that it didn’t work.

I’ve had to go to Mint a couple of times recently to have some work done and my son is actually excited to go there! Amazing.

And of course, Dr. Tanguay is great, really professional, friendly and calming. I had to have two fillings replaced recently because apparently I’m old now and my fillings from childhood are breaking apart. I was nervous, envisioning him yanking on these old fillings to get them out and then me getting some kind of infection in my head because my old fillings had mercury in them and, you know, that can kill you… (I tend to see the catastrophe in things). But it wasn’t like that at all. I didn’t even realize he had gotten them out and was finished. I couldn’t believe it. It was done so quickly and painlessly. I was thrilled and relieved.

Oh yeah, and you know how most dentist offices have pictures of kittens and butterflies on the ceiling for you to look at? Well here there’s a flat screen TV that you can watch Netflix on! Which would be great for some people, but I tend to just squeeze my eyes shut and go to my happy place, I can’t concentrate on TV at a time like that. But my sister would love it.

I also have to mention the bathroom. It’s so beautiful it should be in a magazine. I desperately want it re-create it in my home. I go in there every time, even when I don’t have to use it. It’s the most soothing blue-green-white-tiled-sparkly chandelier heaven of a bathroom I’ve ever been in. And CLEAN! So clean. (I think being a mom has turned me into a germaphobe and I so appreciate cleanliness in public places.)

And yes, dental work is expensive when you don’t have dental insurance. (Who has dental insurance here?) But Mint’s prices are right on with the other two dentist offices I used to go to so they are not more expensive than anywhere else. I don’t know why I assumed they would be. I am very happy with my new dentist and the experience of a nice, modern, clean, calming office. Dr. Lindsey Hollern has just joined the practice as well, so check it out the next time you need to go. You won’t be sorry.

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