Merry Hearts Play Circle - Nature Based Early Childhood Exploration

October 08, 2013

Posted By: Shaunescy

Merry Hearts is lightly Waldorf-inspired, in that we place a great emphasis on creative play as it allows the child's imagination to develop and lays the foundation for the abstract thinking required later in reading and math skills.  It also provides the opportunity for children to learn to get along, to share toys and ideas and to learn to clean up together.  Children sing songs, construct with all kinds of things, (like blocks, pine cones, sticks, and shells), paint with watercolors, and listen to stories told using puppets.  Children are surrounded by beautiful sights, sounds and textures.

Merry Hearts also focuses on practical learning.  Children at Merry Hearts practice activities such as gardening, using buttons and zippers, thorough hand-washing, setting and cleaning up a table and using polite language to express their needs and desires.  Give-and-take between child and teacher is inherent in our small group where each child's growth and development is carefully observed and nurtured.

Is Merry Hearts Play Circle Right For You?

If imaginative play, nature, and music are important to you, then Merry Hearts could be a very good fit with your family.  We believe that focusing on the development of imagination and formation of inquiry skills is more appropriate than academics at this time in the child's life.  In supporting the development of the whole child, we are also providing a more solid foundation for future academics.

I welcome your questions and always appreciate parent input and involvement.  Our program answers to the needs of our children and their families as we learn and grow.  As always, trust your instincts.  When you feel confident in your choice of care and guidance for your child, your child will feel comfortable, too.

I apply what makes sense to me from Waldorf ways and from there, I teach what I passionately believe is important- a sense of comfort in and reverence for the natural world.  I believe that humans belong in nature and that growth and learning can be most deeply experienced outside.  Encouraging a sense of wonder in the outdoors and providing lots of different kinds of experiences outside is what I'm all about.

Adrianne Wallace, Teacher & Director


Merry Hearts opened on Monday, October 7!

We still have openings so please contact us for more information.  

Follow this link to see Merry Hearts On Facebook .

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