Massage is a great thing. Even if it’s not you who is getting one.

September 20, 2011

Posted By: Shaunescy

Yesterday, I sent my hubby in for a tune up. I booked an hour at the Life Giving Health Center and off he went. There are so many great massage therapists here in the Gallatin County I won't even try the impossible task of comparing one over the other. However, I have to say that this group has something really special.

First off, the receptionist was cheerful. The business has several therapists on staff so it was easy to get an appointment that worked for us. Then there's the setting. . . it's housed in the historic Durston home at 1005 W. Durston. You know it, it's that grand and beautiful cabin on Durston road, behind the high school. Next, of course was the fantastic combo of Swedish and Myofascial Release that massage therapist Terry Croad used. My hubby came home looking like he'd skied the best day of his life. And last but not least, the prices are very reasonable.

Rates, Bios and everything else you might want to know about is available online at and when you visit them or send someone you love in for a tune up, be sure to tell them that Montana Parent Magazine sent you.

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