Mamas, Don’t Forget to Treat Yourselves Too

December 03, 2012

Posted By: Bozemama

Pretty pretty things that smell yummy at Heyday. Perfect for mama pampering. 

The Christmas Stroll has come and gone; the ‘Cats are still in the Playoffs and Bozeman is now all aglow – as far as I’m concerned, the Christmakkah season has officially begun. No Black Friday BS for this mama. No, no, no. Last weekend was, for me, all about wallowing in a tryptophan-induced daze, watching movies and relishing my kiddos; not about pressing up against strangers at Target in the middle of the night. I dove naively headfirst into the belly of the beast that is Black Friday last year and still have not fully recovered (which explains a lot, actually).

And so this year, I made a vow to be nice to myself and actually enjoy the holiday season for a change. What does this mean? First, this means that I will stop rushing to get everything done at warp speed. Why the urgency? I’m not sure exactly, but it’s bringing me down big time. Christmas shouldn’t feel like a race to the finish, I now tell myself sagely, but rather a nice leisurely stroll with a mug full of rummy nog. Mmmmmm. The new me is so wise and Zen. Who cares if I miss the flash sale on nutcrackers at World Market? I’ve decided that I’d rather spend a few extra bucks than run around like the frenzied cranky freak I was last year.

My favorite chocolate bars by far. I have one in my car at all times. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love a bargain and I do firmly believe in being organized. My solution? A list. Lists are awesome. In the last few days, I’ve drafted about 47 of them. Lists of gifts ideas, charities, cocktails, games, movies, wines, menus, more cocktails, men I’d like to see naked, hairstyles, desserts, shoes I’d like to own, younameit. Lists somehow make me feel better about myself. If it’s on a list, it might somehow manifest into reality, right?

I am so in love with these dishes. I buy a mug here and a plate there. Maybe I'll have the entire set by the time I'm 70. Will keep you posted.

The new me also loves herself and believes that she deserves a little sumthin’ sumthin’ every once in a while. And, believe me, fellow mamas – so do you. Please, people, remember to spoil yourselves occasionally during this holiday season. Meet your girlfriends for drinks one night after work. Get a massage. Buy yourself something that feels ever-so-slightly indulgent, like some gorgeous bubble bath or candles at Heyday on Main. And why not grab a bottle of wine and some chocolate while you’re at it? This is the perfect place to treat yourself to something small and special while you’re shopping for friends, teachers or mom. No one need ever know. I have personally been head over heels loony about these creamy white French country dishes for a while now. I can’t justify getting the whole set, so I just pick up a mug here and there. See how smart I am?

You don’t need to spend a fortune, but you do need to say thank you to yourself. Trust me on this.

Heyday, 7 West Main, Bozeman. 586-5589

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