Making a Fairy Garden

May 07, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

The past few posts of mine have referenced the teeny tiny, winged, magical creatures that are known to leave money under pillows when baby teeth fall out.

I was talking to the kids about picking up the plants and decorations for the Fairy Garden while we were on our way to Kenyon Noble. Our son asked, "Will there be a mailbox?" His lil’ sister piped in, "Fairies…and they will write letters…to ME!?!?!" Oh boy. How can I say no to that? You know you've seen the post on Facebook that has been going around…I guess it holds true for small people and writing made-up correspondence with fairies as well.

So here's all the stuff we used, potting soil, miniature ice cream chairs and folding table for the seating area, a couple types of landscaping rock and some special items from the kids.

The first thing you want to do is layout your landscape. Fairy gardening is fantastic for small space gardening out doors or indoor gardening in containers. I happen to have an overlooked half moon space out front, that the kids often dig in so that's where we chose to put ours.

For plants, we picked some Coleus, an Angel Vine for the mini-trellis, Golden Globes, and Irish Moss. I already have some sweet peas poking up and a stray green onion or two. These plants are good for the spot I have which is both sunny and protected from inclement weather. Check for advice about plants that will work well for your particular space if planting outside.

After planting the flowers it's time to gussy it up with your various decorations. The paving stones are glued to a loosely woven mat. I found that snipping the threads in between the rocks gave me an easy long pathway to work with.

I planted the Globe Coleus up on a mound and had the kids collect small flat stones to make steps with. If your children are anything like mine, they have piles of rocks strewn around the house. Now is your chance to move them back outside!

The final touch in our fairy garden is the tire swing, with tire donated from my 5 year old's favorite toy car. I expect that we will be adding to this all summer long so stay tuned for updates.

For now, I am off to make a tiny fairy mailbox. All that's there is a temporary envelope that I've taped up. The kids are thinking about what they want to say to the fairies. At the end of the day, if your kids want to write letters to fairies, you build them a really small mailbox.


We picked up our supplies for our tiny fairy garden at Kenyon Noble because they are opening a new garden center that is geared for both normal people like moms and dads and also service contractors. We liked going there because they are a Montana business that continues to give back to the community. On Mother’s day they are having a wonderful opening of their garden center so stop on by.

Kenyon Noble’s new full service Garden Center will have a wide variety of seeds, flowers, fruit and vegetable starts, mixed with a huge inventory of garden necessities, landscaping solutions and lawn care essentials. The Garden Center will also feature unique pots, garden ornamentals, fountains,

fairy gardens, ponds and greenhouses.

Kenyon Noble Garden Center Grand Opening will be on Saturday, May 12th

10am – 12:30pm there will be Mother’s Day Junior Carpenter Project.

12pm – 2pm You can feed the kids $.50 Hot Dogs and Sodas 1pm – 4pm Free Gardening Seminars

Free Expert Classes

- Fountain and Pond Install

- Garden Pest Control

- Seed Saving Tips

- Organic Fertilizers

- Plant Management

Junior Carpenter Mother’s Day Project

- Build Mom a Planter Box

- All materials provided by Kenyon Noble

Garden Center Highlights

- Great Pots

- Fountains/Water Features

- Fairy Gardens

- Fruit & Vegetable Starts

- Herbs

- Annuals

- Seeds

- Landscaping Material

Kenyon Noble is on Facebook .

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