August 01, 2012

Posted By: Shaunescy

An Authentic Life has been invited to be Montana's Ambassador for the Better Homes & Gardens' State Fragrance Contest - promoting Scented Wax Warmers and Cubes sold at Walmart.

This one is big!

I'm so excited to announce An Authentic Life is the Ambassador to Montana and the creation of our state fragrance - Enchanted Evening Walk + Sweet Pea = MONTANA!

And talk about perfect timing - the  annual Sweet Pea festival  is in Bozeman this very weekend!

Won't you please vote for An Authentic Life and MONTANA during the month of August. Each state has a representative blogger who has created a fragrance to showcase their state. I'm up against the nation, but everyone loves Montana most, right?

For those who've been here - you know the majesty first-hand. For those who've yet to visit,  what are you waiting for??

Here's the deal - you vote for Montana

and the winning blogger wins a trip to the Better Homes & Gardens headquarters! Also, I will be giving away gift cards to Walmart for 10 of my gentle readers. You can vote daily, and An Authentic Life would so love your vote.

A vote for AAL is a vote for MONTANA and the fragrance MOUNTAIN MAJESTY.

Better Homes and Gardens Scented Wax Warmers

Our selection of scented wax warmers make every room more welcoming and inviting with a fresh new look and scent.

·         Fill your home with your favorite fragrance, for less

·         Attractive wax warmers are just $15 and scented wax cube packs, start at only $2 each

·         Safe to use with no flame or soot

·         Easy to re-use and clean

Better Homes and Gardens Scented Wax Cubes:

·         Available in packs of 6 scented wax cubes

·         Fragrant immediately upon melting

·         Wax can be reused or recycled

·         Available in dozens of scents—choose your favorites or mix and match to create your own unique fragrances


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